I’m going to meet Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger!

Warren BuffetCNBC had a special program on Warren Buffett yesterday. It was just an hour long of great entertainment as well as education. Among other things, the program talked about the annual shareholder meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. It showed how enthusiastic people were attending the meeting. It reminded me how I’ve always wanted to go to a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting and that I never had the time to go(or I made up an excuse for not going).

Charlie MungerI’ve always admired Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Not only they have great business sense, that they can make the most complicated things look so simple, they also have high ethics and integrity. I decided that I did not want to put off meeting these two giants anymore and so I purchased one share of Berkshire Hathaway Class B today at $3578.00. This one share will be my ticket to the 2007 annual meeting. I’m excited that I’ll be able to meet Warren and Charlie while they’re still at the helm of the company. Do you want to go to the meeting too? If so, please drop me a note so that we can hang out together.



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