Traveling to your home town gives you new perspectives

Hong Kong ferryHong Kong boatMy family just came back from a 3-week visit to Hong Kong. We spent time with friends and family and it was a lot of fun. As usual, the good times and bad times(mostly good ;)) in Hong Kong got me to think a lot. Before each trip, I would be bombarded with many issues from work and life in general(mostly from work). It was always very important to resolve design issues at work, bug fixes, team management and whatnot. But once I got to Hong Kong and have spent some time with friends and family in this dynamic environment, I would pretty much throw every issue I had from the states out of the window. I would also realize how inconsequential some of the issues are. Traveling to my home town, especially since it’s out of the country always gives me a bigger picture.

Coming back to the United States always takes some getting used to not only because of the jet lag, but also of the dramatic changes in the environments – going from an extremely developed and busy city to a city or a state that is less connected in so many ways(fewer human interactions, lower population density, etc). Late December and early January in the pacific northwest is always dreaded – it’s overcast and the sun goes down at 4pm and doesn’t go up unitl 8am. Aditionally, I can usually leave behind the issues and matters from the states when I’m in Hong Kong. Why this isn’t true vice versa? Is my feelings trying to tell me something? I had little options in terms of where I lived when I was employed by my previous employer. But it just dawned on me now that I’m self-employed, I have a lot more options. Should I give some serious thoughts as to where my family lives?

Have you had similar experiences? Feel free to drop me a note. Wish you all have an interesting 2007!


3 responses to “Traveling to your home town gives you new perspectives

  1. Henry, I had similar feeling each time come from home long (3 weeks) vacation. Interacting with lots of people is what we are used to when growing up in HK. In Seattle, you really need to reach out to communities to interact with others. The close proximity in HK, you are forced to hang out with large number of friends, family co-worker and competitor. Good luck in your quest the ideal location for raising your children in the 21st century – according to Jim Roger, the 19th belongs to British, the 20th belongs to US and you already know which part of the world will be super power in 21st

  2. John, your explanation makes a lot of sense! The density in Hon Kong definitely makes it easier and more convenient to connect with whoever or whatever your want to connect with.

    Studies have shown that weather has the power to affect peoples’ emotions. My article is definitely a proof of that!

  3. I love your site!

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