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James Cramer on being an entrepreneur

Confession: I’m an addict of James Cramer.  I’m a fan because I believe he is a man of integrity even when he’s spent a great deal of time on Wall Street where crooks are everywhere.  I’m a fan also because I  believe he tries his best to educate the public(the retail investors) about stocks and that he exposes the dark side in Wall Street professional traders.

James Cramer from is a serial entrepreneur.  He started a hedge fund back in the 80’s and averaged 24% annual return after fees until he gave his fund to his partner in 2000.  In the 90’s when the term blogging didn’t even exist, he started which is one of the first(if not the first) real-time blogging financial websites.  He also has a real estate business, and a health-conscious company called “Less Or Evil”.

Jim has just made a couple videos on being an entrepreneur.  The first video is about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  In the second video, Jim talks about how he started his hedge fund business.  You can find the videos here and here.  I hope you’ll find the videos useful.


Google Apps for your Domain has a slow UI

I had been procrastinating to set up my company email up until last week when I had to start signing up for services for my company. I thought about managing my own email servers since having total control and privacy is certainly nice. I spent a few hours learning about Postfix but finally decided that it was too much of a hassle to manage my own email server. Plus I want to dedicate all my VPS resources to my web application(more on VPS hosting later) anyway. I also didn’t want to just spend $10 a month to get a shared hosting plan just to get managed emails.

Coincidentally, a Help page of a hosting company mentioned Google Apps for your Domain and it reminded me the free Continue reading

Paypal vs Google Checkout online payment systems

Update: see my post Paypal vs Google Checkout online payment systems – Part II

As I mentioned on my About page, I’m in the process of starting a website(more on the nature of the website later). One of the things I need to do is to set up online payment for my customers. I considered handling credit card transactions myself but that simply has too many security implications. Instead, I’m looking into PayPal and Google Checkout. It’s best to leave online payment processing to the specialists.

One thing that would be really nice for my website to have is some kind of shopping cart/checkout feature which would allow me to streamline the payment process nicely. However, Google Checkout requires you to work with a 3rd party e-commerce partner to enable the checkout feature. Continue reading

Steve Jobs’ speech resurfaced

This was originally posted on November 6, 2006:

Thanks to Digg, I had a chance to read Steve Jobs’ commencement speech again. We all have limited time on the face of the earth and I wish you all be able to make the best use of it. Here’s a link to the speech if you haven’t read the script or you’d like to reread it. It’s worth the time.

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