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Paypal vs Google Checkout online payment systems

Update: see my post Paypal vs Google Checkout online payment systems – Part II

As I mentioned on my About page, I’m in the process of starting a website(more on the nature of the website later). One of the things I need to do is to set up online payment for my customers. I considered handling credit card transactions myself but that simply has too many security implications. Instead, I’m looking into PayPal and Google Checkout. It’s best to leave online payment processing to the specialists.

One thing that would be really nice for my website to have is some kind of shopping cart/checkout feature which would allow me to streamline the payment process nicely. However, Google Checkout requires you to work with a 3rd party e-commerce partner to enable the checkout feature. Continue reading


Great improvements in IE7

This was originally posted on October 19, 2006:

I had a moment to play with the newly released IE7 and I’m very impressed. Tab browsing is finally there. The RSS functionality is really slick and users can subscribe to a feed easily and without seeing ugly XML code. The favorites are now nicely organized(thank you, what took you so long?). Font scaling(resizing) has finally been fixed. So has transparent PNG files. It also seems IE7 is a lighter application and slicker than Firefox 1.5x. That’s a big plus. I believe IE has regained the #1 spot in the browser world. Kudos to the IE7 team!